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Contact Eddie Page Productions about the magic of creating TV series and short films in New Zealand.

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Thank you for contacting us. One of our team will be in touch shortly.


Contact Eddie Page Productions to submit your work. Please email our Director of Content, Sarah Oemcke. Please note our disclaimer below and attach the submission release form in your email. 

Eddie Page Productions aim to maintain high creative and artistic standards, and protect the intellectual property of our writers and filmmakers. If you are interested in being evaluated by our team please ensure that a Submission Release Form is signed, dated and attached to any work submitted. This includes any emails or correspondence containing ideas, loglines or short synopsis.

To protect your work, always include the copyright symbol, the year, and your name on your work. You  can provide further protection of your ideas by registering them with the Writers' Guild for a nominal fee.  Eddie Page Productions receive a high volume of submissions, and coincidental similarities of content can occur. We cannot compensate you if material similar to yours is coincidentally submitted from another source, and subsequently optioned. Any submissions that are similar to anything we already have on our slate will be returned unread.