Located in the cinematically stunning Bay of Plenty

Eddie Page Productions was inspired by Edna Page. A creative female entrepreneur of the 1930’s, paving the way for all the businesswomen who came after. Edna was a successful fashion designer, and the grandmother to one of our founders here at Eddie Page Productions. Eddie Page Productions is a nod to Edna and all that she achieved in unprecedented times.

We are founded by three fabulous women; Sarah Oemcke, Larissa Allen and Melissa Mae. Together we have over 50 years of experience in the Film, Television, Theatre, Marketing and Event industries. 

Eddie Page Production’s headquarters are based in Tauranga, New Zealand. An area where the creative industry is growing, with access to an existing pool of exceptional local talent, filmmakers and amazing fit-for-purpose locations. All the ingredients you need for a successful production experience and commercially viable local and international content.

Eddie Page Productions was formed to fill the need for a local production company that could harness talent who wanted to work where they lived and create successful productions, on time and on budget. Eddie Page Productions engages in both co-productions and independent productions. With a short 2.5hour drive from Auckland, the Bay of Plenty has everything needed to make your vision come alive.


'To produce interesting and unique New Zealand content for global audiences, whilst building a reputation as the leading production company in the Bay of Plenty by producing at least one new TV series or short film with global appeal, every year.'